Here’s what our previous clients have to say about Nicolette Richer and the Gerson Therapy:


“Nicolette and Gerson Therapy changed my life. Being Diagnosed with Cancer was a scary and overwhelming wake-up call, but with Nicolette’s support I was able make a total lifestyle upgrade inside and out. She taught me how to understand what my body was telling me and that the best pharmacy was actually my kitchen. As a health-conscious person I was shocked to see how nutrient deficient I was. Through Gerson Therapy I was able to re-nutrify my body and kick cancers butt – now over 2 years cancer free. I am still experiencing the long term benefits of Gerson Therapy not only being cancer free but also living with more energy and greater version of my optimum health. Nicolette brings it all together; education, nutrition, detoxification and psychology in the pursuit of healing yourself. If you are ready to take your health and healing into your own hands Nicolette is the greatest resource I could recommend. Prioritize your health and vitality, Nicolette and the Gerson therapy will teach you how to create a more vibrant life.”

Lindsay Clarke


“I met Nicolette Richer when I decided to take on the Gerson Therapy in my home.  Nicolette came to my house and stayed for 3 days educating not only me, but a whole group of people who were interested to learn more about Gerson. We all had an incredible informative 5 hours.  No one wanted to leave and people departed feeling they had learned so much as well as making a new friend. Nicolette is a serious alternative health practitioner who is constantly learning more about our good health. Having Nicolette on your team is a sure way to give you strength, courage, love, and a new way to look at your good health.”

Anne Essler


“I encourage anyone to attend Nicolette’s seminars where one learns the importance of both nutrition and detoxification found in the Gerson therapy. I recommend her Psych-K work to shift patterns in oneself or one’s life. Psych K is a technique recommended by Bruce Lipton who discovered epigenetics, the science of how we live our lives affects our DNA. I adore the Green Moustache for it’s commitment to quality organic products and friendly loving vibe of the team making it all happen.”

Tricia Beauregard