I have cancer. Should I pursue a traditional form of treatment—like chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation—or should I pursue an alternative form of treatment—like visiting the Richer Health Clinic? Or should I do all of the above?


Choosing a course of treatment is never easy. There are pros and cons to every option, and unfortunately,there are no guarantees that any particular treatment will “work” for every single person who tries it.

We can’t tell you which course of action is right for you. That’s a decision that only you can make. It’s your body, your cancer experience, and your life.

What we can do is encourage you to talk to your oncologist to explore all possible options—surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, alternative therapies (including the Eat Real To Heal protocol, which we offer at the Richer Health Clinic), other diet and lifestyle changes, or perhaps a combination of several treatments approaches.

Regardless of which type of approach you choose—traditional, alternative, or a combination of both—taking good care of your body is not optional. It’s a necessity.

We encourage you to eat well and manage your stress levels as best you can. Enjoy organic food. Meditate. Walk. Practice yoga. Engage in activities that bring you joy and peace of mind. Through those types of positive, healthy choices, you’ll strengthen your immune system and make it easier for your body to beat cancer.

I don’t have cancer. Can I stay at the Richer Health Clinic?



We welcome all types of guests—all genders, all types of health goals, all walks of life.

You don’t necessarily have to be battling cancer—or any other type of disease—in order to stay at our clinic.

Even if you’re a strong, healthy, disease-free yogi or marathon runner, your stay at the Richer Health Clinic will still be rejuvenating and inspiring. You’ll enjoy some of the best and most nutritious food you’ve ever tasted—and you’ll go home with new recipes, techniques, and habits, and a renewed commitment to taking good care of your health.

I’ve heard that Gerson therapy is not guaranteed to cure cancer. What’s the truth? Does it work—or not?


At the Richer Health Clinic, we follow a nutrition and detoxification protocol called Eat Real To Heal, based on Dr. Max Gerson principles of healing, a German-American physician.

When you do the Eat Real To Heal protocol, you:

— Flush toxins out of your body with coffee enemas.

— Stop eating food filled with chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives.

— Switch to a 100% organic, vegan, immune-boosting, plant-based diet.

— Drink fresh juices to flood your body with enzymes, minerals, and nutrients.

— Repeat daily for 2 years, followed by a similar (but less intensive) maintenance plan.

With the Eat Real To Heal lifestyle, you’re giving your body the best possible fuel, thereby strengthening your immune system and making it easier for your body to fight disease.

Many people who try this protocol report feeling more energetic, feeling less pain, and in some cases, people experience a complete reversal of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many other serious diseases.

It’s true that this therapy is not “guaranteed” to cure cancer. But unfortunately, that statement is true for all types of cancer treatment, including chemotherapy. On average, only 2 – 3% of cancers respond to chemotherapy—and one poll shows that 75%[AF1]  of oncologists would choose not to get chemo if they, themselves, were ever diagnosed with cancer because they’re aware of how ineffective it can be.

The unfortunate reality is that there is no “guaranteed” cure for cancer that works for every type of cancer, in every person, every time. But even though there is no guaranteed cure for cancer, that doesn’t mean we need to be helpless or hopeless. Fueling your body with organic food, exercising, and reducing stress levels through yoga and meditation are all healthy, pro-active steps that you can take—either on their own or in combination with traditional Western treatments.

In the fight against disease, why not give your body every possible advantage—starting with a diet that strengthens you instead of weakening you further?