3-month Yoga & Nutrition Immersion




“Change your macro-consciousness by changing your diet, by changing your nutrition, by getting in touch with your food chain, by putting bacterial and fungal communication back in your body” Zach Bush, M.D.



As a culture, we are over-medicated, over-stimulated, over-whelmed and under-nourished.

How is that working for us? Mental illness, addiction, cancer, autism, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, suicide… (the list goes on) are at an all-time high.

Now more than ever, it is critical for the sustainability and evolution of humanity and our planet to preserve the health of our inner and outer ecology.

Yogic practices including; nutrition, breath work, meditation, postures, and yoga-nidra (yogic sleep), have been time-tested for thousands of years, and are becoming more and more mainstream because they work!

Learn how to adopt simple, holistic, home practices that will truly nourish you and those you care about, from your yoga mat to your kitchen.

Yoga means to bring together, to make whole. Together, let’s wake up your body naturally and nutritionally by uniting holistic nutrition and yogic practices.

This immersion is open to all yoga teachers, yoga and nutrition enthusiasts!

** Registered Yoga Teachers take note, this course will be registered with Yoga Alliance Continuing Education. As RYT’s and E-RYT’s registered through the Yoga Alliance www.yogaalliance.org you are required to log 30-hrs of yoga related training to keep your membership in good standing. This course is a YACEP® certified course.**



When not teaching yoga, or teaching people how to teach yoga, you might find Kristin brewing water-kefir, picking snap peas off the vine, at the lake with her friends and a whole lotta kids in tow , sipping a fabulous mushroom and fat infused coffee, or playing outdoors in the beauty of her surroundings in Squamish BC.

When not running her businesses or studying for her Ph.D, chances are high you find Nicolette with her husband, 3 daughters and 2 pups somewhere in the mountains hiking, climbing or dipping in one of the many waterfalls of the Sea to Sky Corridor.



  • A solid foundation to set-up and maintain a successful home sadhana yoga practice
  • A wealth of resources to read, watch, and listen to, to further deepen your nutritional knowledge and yoga practice
  • Lifelong access to the Eat Real to Heal Online Program
  • How to easily digest principles of biology, biochemistry and anatomy and physiology
  • How to set up and work with/alongside a health team
  • Different techniques to cope with stress and detoxify beyond food
  • How a plant-based, whole food diet like the Eat Real to Heal method can be your answer to say ‘no’ to disease
  • The difference between fads, diets and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Different coaching techniques to teach students and clients how to live toxin free beyond food/diet
  • How to raise your vibrations, and heighten your spirituality through meditation practice
  • How to sequence yoga classes to cultivate and sustain a maximum amount of vitality, naturally
  • The therapeutic effect of specific yoga poses, pranayama breathing techniques, mantras and mudras
  • How to communicate a nourishing message of Self-healing to your students to encourage Self -awareness, Self-preservation, Self-care and Self-love in your students on and off the mat


“Attending classes builds the foundation, self-practice is where the yogi comes alive”




*Early Bird price valid until August 30, 2019 course fee C$2,497.
After August 30, 2019 course fee C$2,997.
Contact us to discuss option of a payment plan.



3-day Eat Real to Heal Retreat



It’s your home from the moment you’re born, through every single moment of your life.  Unfortunately, it’s a “home” that doesn’t always get the very best treatment.

Environmental toxins in the soil, water, and air, processed food, stress at work, not enough movement, too much sitting in front of a computer screen—it all adds up.

The result: chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease (arthritis, lupus, lyme), depression and fatigue. Diagnosis and treatment can be a confusing, frightening time, and it is easy to overlook the self-care that aids recovery. Learn to eat, supplement, detoxify and live to take control of your health and allow your body to heal.

It’s time to give your body some much-needed care, attention, nutrition and detoxification.

It’s an investment in yourself that you’ll never regret.

Join Nicolette Richer, founder of Richer Health, for a restorative + optimally healing weekend retreat. Open to men and women of all ages.


— Nutrition + Detoxification workshop. Learn how to nutrify and detoxify your body, prevent and reverse heart disease using the Gerson Therapy, transform your energy levels, blood results, blood pressure and mood using organic, plant-based foods.

— Meals and cooking classes. Learn how to whip up delicious, disease-fighting plant-based meals and juices that are so nutritious and delicious, even lifelong carnivores will be impressed! Daily Gerson meals provided by our in-house chef.

—  Creative Journaling. Discover medicine for the soul and see your health concerns as an opportunity for awakening. Through creative journaling you’ll create a vision for the health you want, diagnose the root causes of your health challenges, and creatively write the prescription for yourself to facilitate your self-healing journey so you can realize your optimum health goals.

— Yoga classes. Daily yoga practice for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced yogis, to stimulate your immune system, improve strength and circulation, cleanse your lungs and liver, heal your digestive tract, and release toxins.

— Quiet time for rest and reflection. Take a refreshing walk next to the river at sunrise or in the mountains, recharge with a good book, or treat yourself to a long nap. Your body will say “thank you” in so many ways.



Set under the stunning and dramatic steeps of Mount Currie, Pemberton, our beautiful Retreat Centre is breathtaking, tranquil and reviving. Enjoy your private, light and tranquil room, our cozy yoga studio, stunning surroundings, the hot tub and classes.

Here you’ll find a quieter, slower pace of life, close to pristine lakes, mountain vistas and the spectacular walking, biking and snowshoeing trails of Pemberton.

In the evenings, relax in our lounge areas or in the hot tub beneath the stars and Mount Currie.




FRIDAY          4 pm to 9 pm (dinner provided)

SATURDAY    8 am to 8 pm (breakfast, lunch, dinner + snacks provided)

SUNDAY        8 am to 12 pm (breakfast + snacks for the road provided)



  • Early Birds – sign up before Sept 15th, 2019: C$745
  • Sign up after Sept 15th, 2019: C$895
  • Bring a care taker, family member or your partner to the retreat to have some extra support once you get back home; special care takers rate $250/retreat


Your Quest for Meaning and Serenity

A 5-day, exclusive retreat with Frédéric Deltour and Ashton Hennekam.

Frédéric will share the teachings he received from 12 years of learning with spiritual teachers, mentors, yogis, shamans, and Buddhist monks.

 Guided by Frédéric and Ashton, you will learn how to:

  • find peace of mind & spend time to yourself
  • find balance and meaning
  • align your values and your life
  • develop your creativity
  • enhance self growth and communication
  • practice Tai Chi, mediation, and yoga
  • cook healthy and nutritious food

You will learn how to find Meaning and Serenity during the group and individual sessions. There will be time for relaxation, time to go out and explore the beautiful surroundings of the retreat centre, and time to enjoy nutritious, organic, plant based meals.

Frédéric and Ashton prefer to work in a small group setting to enable you to get the most out of these 5 days together. Only 8 spots are available for this unique experience. The first 4 participants to register get a special discount.




  • First 4 participants, no accommodation: C$1190 (incl. all teachings + all meals)
  • First 4 participants, with accommodation: C$ 1880 (incl. 5 nights at the retreat centre + all teachings + all meals)
  • Sign up after first 4 participants, no accommodation:
    C$ 1530 (incl. all teachings + all meals)
  • Sign up after first 4 participants, with accommodation:
    C$ 2220 (incl. 5 nights at the retreat centre + all teachings
    + all meals)


Contact: lifehealthspirit@gmail.com

Or reach out to Frédéric and Ashton by using the contact form below.