3-Day Infertility Retreat


Unfortunately, it has gotten more and more common for us be out of balance by the way we treat our body.

We get thrown out of balance due to stress, what we eat, where we live, what we drink, toxic relationships, etc. When this happens, the body is wired to slowly start shutting down different systems in order to preserve energy so it can try and regain this lost balance.

One of the systems that gets to a halt in an early stage of imbalance is the reproductive system. The good news is that our bodies desire for balance is so strong it will thank you immediately once you start treating it right – after a detoxification period. Meaning: You can heal from this.

It’s time to give your body some much-needed care, attention, nutrition and detoxification.  It’s an investment in yourself that you will never regret.

Join Nicolette Richer, founder of Richer Health, for an emotionally uplifting weekend retreat where you will learn how to prepare your body optimally and feed your fertility, learn what nutrients are needed to experience a healthy pregnancy, and avoid downfalls of postpartum depression and autoimmune disorders.

This retreat is open to men and women.


— A safe space. A place for you to share what you want, find support, understanding and relief. Expect this weekend to be quite a ride, but in only in a positive way!

— Nutrition + Detoxification workshop. Through applying Gerson Therapy basics, toxins will be flushed out of your system and nutritional deficiencies will be repleted so the reproductive system can kickstart again.

— Meals and cooking classes. Learn how to whip up delicious, fertility-feeding plant-based meals and juices that are so nutritious and delicious, you will want them to be part of your family diet long after the retreat. Daily Gerson meals are provided by our in-house chef.

—  Creative Journaling. Discover medicine for the soul and see your fertility concerns as an opportunity for awakening. Through creative journaling you’ll create a vision for the health you want, diagnose the root causes of your health challenges, and creatively write the prescription for yourself to facilitate your self-healing journey so you can realise your optimum health goals.

— Yoga classes. Daily yoga practice for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced yogis, to stimulate fertility and immune system, improve strength mentally as well as physically, and release toxins.

— Quiet time for rest and reflection. Take a beach walk at sunrise or a refreshing mountain walk, recharge with a good book, or treat yourself to a long nap. Your body will say “thank you.”

— Optional extra sessions. Book a massage, a session with a naturopath or extra yoga classes – please book two weeks in advance.


Set under the stunning and dramatic steeps of Mount Currie, Pemberton, our beautiful Retreat Centre is breathtaking, tranquil and reviving. Enjoy private, light and airy rooms and spacious communal areas for yoga, creative writing, relaxing and classes.

Here you’ll find a quieter, slower pace of life, close to pristine lakes, mountain vistas and the spectacular walking, biking and snowshoeing trails of Pemberton.

In the evenings, relax in our lounge areas or in the hot tub beneath the stars and Mount Currie.


FRIDAY          6 pm to 9 pm (dinner provided)

SATURDAY    8 am to 8 pm (breakfast, lunch, dinner + snacks provided)

SUNDAY        8 am to 12 pm (breakfast + snacks provided)


  • Early Birds – sign up before Dec 31st, 2017: C$545 (no accom) or C$595 (with accom)
  • Sign up after Dec 31st, 2017: C$695 (no accom) or C$745 (with accom)

NOTE: The retreat will take place providing there are min. 4 participants or more on Jan 19th, 2018. Full reimbursement will be given to all participants if the workshop should get cancelled.