Your Quest for Meaning and Serenity

A 5-day, exclusive retreat with Frédéric Deltour and Ashton Hennekam.

Frédéric will share the teachings he received from 12 years of learning with spiritual teachers, mentors, yogis, shamans, and Buddhist monks.

 Guided by Frédéric and Ashton, you will learn how to:

  • find peace of mind & spend time to yourself
  • find balance and meaning
  • align your values and your life
  • develop your creativity
  • enhance self growth and communication
  • practice Tai Chi, mediation, and yoga
  • cook healthy and nutritious food

You will learn how to find Meaning and Serenity during the group and individual sessions. There will be time for relaxation, time to go out and explore the beautiful surroundings of the retreat centre, and time to enjoy nutritious, organic, plant based meals.

Frédéric and Ashton prefer to work in a small group setting to enable you to get the most out of these 5 days together. Only 8 spots are available for this unique experience. The first 4 participants to register get a special discount.




  • First 4 participants, no accommodation: C$1190 (incl. all teachings + all meals)
  • First 4 participants, with accommodation: C$ 1880 (incl. 5 nights at the retreat centre + all teachings + all meals)
  • Sign up after first 4 participants, no accommodation:
    C$ 1530 (incl. all teachings + all meals)
  • Sign up after first 4 participants, with accommodation:
    C$ 2220 (incl. 5 nights at the retreat centre + all teachings
    + all meals)



Or reach out to Frédéric and Ashton by using the contact form below.