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5-Day Eat Real to Heal Hollyhock Retreat

July 8 - July 12

Eat Real to Heal returns to Hollyhock

5-day retreat on Cortes Island, BC – July 8-12th, 2020



Imagine. After a beautiful journey over the ocean, you find yourself on a quaint island full of lush, tall green trees. You roll up onto Hollyhock’s campus and are greeted by friendly and welcoming faces.


“Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.”

Step by step, the Eat Real to Heal retreat shows you the art and science of using food as medicine to reverse chronic disease, one bite at a time. This means you’ll eliminate chronic pain and inflammation, your energy will return to youthful levels, you’ll enjoy restful sleep, yes – you will lose weight and look years younger too – but ultimately, you’ll achieve optimal health so you can live a long and thriving life.

Learn the principles of the Eat Real to Heal Lifestyle, a program Nicolette Richer designed based on her experience as a former certified Gerson Therapy Home Set-up Trainer. This new way of eating -and living- is based on a 100-year-old metabolic nutritional therapy, that will rebuild your metabolism, kick-start your immune system, regenerate your tissues and heal your body through cellular nutrification and detoxification.

Take your health into your own hands and learn to prevent and reverse cancer and other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, skin conditions, Crohn’s, ME, allergies, asthma, arthritis, chronic pain, infertility, eye conditions and other autoimmune disorders and degenerative conditions.

With nearly 1 in 2 Canadians now being diagnosed with cancer and heart disease in their lifetime, 1 in 4 being diagnosed with other lifestyle-induced chronic illnesses such as Type II diabetes, autoimmune disorders, infertility and, more, the time is now to take your health back. And there’s good news! Medical research shows that we can cut these rates by 90% and more by adopting a plant-strong lifestyle and engaging in moderate exercise. Even better, you’ll be able to share your new knowledge and lived experience with family, friends and other loved ones to help them reverse their illnesses too.

Join us today to learn a new definition of what really constitutes “healthy food”. Never again will you want to start a diet or a cleanse after having experienced the Eat Real to Heal Lifestyle at Hollyhock.

You’ll go home with the skills, knowledge, formula and inspiration to keep on thriving in health and share all you learned with your family and community.



When you walk into the garden you are dazzled by the colours, smells, and sounds of the birds. During your stay you explore the sunny beach, rest in hot tubs overlooking the ocean, discover winding paths through the forest, and enjoy fireside chats with fresh organic tea. From nourishing meals, to cozy and crafted accommodations, to complimentary activities like yoga and rowing, it’s everything you imagined and more.

Hollyhock is located at the south-eastern tip of what is currently called Cortes Island, BC in the beautiful traditional territories of the KlahooseTla’aminHomalco Nations.* It is approximately 160 kilometers (100 miles) north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Hyper Nutrition: you will be involved in hands-on activities that include daily preparation of organic cooked and raw meals, beverages, dressings, dips, juices, desserts, snacks and more.
  2. Ultimate Liver Detox: support your liver daily by learning how to prepare and administer the ultimate liver detox out of the comfort of your own home. All materials will be supplied.
  3. Daily restorative yoga practice: Restorative Yoga practiced regularly and mindfully can heal your body and your life. You will participate in and learn simple yoga practices to reduce stress, stimulate the immune system, improve strength and circulation, cleanse your lungs and liver, heal your digestive tract, release toxins, erase chronic pain, and improve your overall life.
  4. Healthy Creative Journaling, Goal Setting and Meditation using PSYCH-K: Discover medicine for the soul and see your health concerns as an opportunity for awakening. Through creative journaling, you’ll create a vision for the health you want, diagnose the root causes of your health challenges, and creatively write a prescription to facilitate your self-healing journey and realize your optimum health goals.



A fully integrated plan to reverse your chronic illnesses for good. You will leave, knowing:

  • The history of Dr. Max Gerson and how his therapy is still changing today.
  • The 17 leading causes of death in North America, and even better: how plant-based whole-food eating can reduce those rates by 90%.
  • The nature of chronic disease and how to stop its progression.
  • What is dietary healing and why food is always better medicine than drugs
  • Your body’s self-healing mechanisms and how to activate them
  • How to use your kitchens as your ‘pharmacy’
  • Where to shop and access essential nutrients for optimal health
  • How to restore nutrient deficiencies and why you need both cooked and raw food
  • Knowing which nutrients can’t be accessed through food and where to get them without breaking the bank
  • The difference between fads, diets and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Disease-fighting (anti-angiogenic) meal planning skills and meal plans
  • How to build your own integrated whole health team
  • Techniques to not just cope with stress but how to shift it permanently
  • How to create a toxic-free environment beyond a clean and resilient body
  • How to safely and effectively detoxify your tissues and through supporting your liver
  • Restoring your microbiome to program your cellular metabolism
  • Using food to foster healthy sleep for optimal brain health
  • How to communicate with your doctors so they become your biggest health advocates
  • How to bring gentle exercise in your life to promote health, not detract from it
  • When to eat raw food or cooked food for optimal nutrition
  • The difference between superfoods and real food
  • How to repair your gut with homemade prebiotics
  • Recipes that stimulate tissue damage repair and regeneration
  • The right tests and diagnostics to get to the bottom of your health concerns
  • You will also leave with lifelong access to the online Eat Real to Heal program


  • 5-day tuition fee $525
  • Accommodation + organic meals and juices: depending on the type of accommodation, your investment will range from: $380 to $1368; see all accommodation options here

Save 10% on your room and meal package when you pre-register by January 31, 2020! Call to Book Today: 1-800-933-6339




Hollyhock – Cortes Island, BC
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