***With the new restrictions emerging due to Covid-19, we have made the decision to move our Group Retreats to group of families and friends only. 

Our Group Retreats are small and intimate, with a maximum of 10 guests. Choose from 3 Day or 5 day retreats. You will learn how to activate your bodies ability to heal, and be given the knowledge and skills needed to implement the Eat Real to Heal Protocol in your own home. 

Something special happens when you gather your friends and your family together for a retreat away from their normal lives.  What our groups experience is a deeper connection to each other, a chance to learn at the same time, and an opportunity to all be involved in this lifestyle behaviour shift. 

Our Group Retreats offer a hands on approach, where all friends and family members experience intensive nutrition workshops together, get their hands dirty in the kitchen prepping and cooking every meal, and then enjoy communal dinners and time together to immerse themselves in the new nutrient rich lifestyle they shifting into. 

For someone who has been diagnosed with a chronic disease, this is the ultimate in gaining the support from your closest friends and family, and having them understand and experience for themselves what eating real to heal can do not only to help you reverse your chronic disease, but to also optimize their health and lifestyle.

(dependant on group size)

Group Retreats are capped at 10 people.

Contact us below for available Group Retreat dates. 


- Nina -

“Richer Health indeed! Rich in information, rich in spirit, rich in nutrients and rich in great food. Thank you for an absolutely wonderful retreat – life-changing, full of learning. Your team is incredibly supportive, providing nourishment in so many ways.”

- Phil -

“Thank you for such a wonderful, informative and life-changing retreat.”

- Sharon -

“Awesome weekend! How perfect to be gathered in such a beautiful place! Your information is “bang on” Thank you. I’d like to return.”

happy clients