Classes + Treatments

Each day will be spent with a yoga class, meditation, a creative writing task, three healing meals, detoxifying your liver, cooking classes and instruction in the healing techniques we use. You will also have time each day to relax and recuperate for yourself.

During this time, you are welcome to book any of our additional treatments and classes – be sure to register below at the time of booking your retreat in order to secure your place.


Psych-Kinaesthetic Balance


Healing massage

Add to your retreat experience a simple, but so beneficial, gift by booking with one of our massage therapists on site. Receive a healing

massage to soothe aching, activate liquid’s body flow, release tension and stress and give yourself time to empty your mind for a moment of relaxation.

1 Hr Massage: $100.00

1.5 Hr Massage: $145.00





Homeopathic Consult
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Piper Martin B.Ed, RCS Hom., offers classical homeopathic care from a solid background of training and 18 years of clinical experience.  Discover how the patterns of mental, emotional and physical aspects of your life have lead you to your current state. Using homeopathy you will connect with who you really are and make choices that create happiness and physical well being.
During the retreat, meet with Piper for an initial 2hr consult and receive a constitutional remedy that matches who you are physically and emotionally.  Homeopathy is simple to administer, normally adults take a remedy once a week.
After the retreat you may choose to continue to see Piper in the Pemberton area or consult with her via email or skype. If you have questions about how homeopathy can assist you please visit her website or connect with her at
 Homeopathic Consult Fees
$250.00 – initial consult
$100.00/hour – follow up consults



Meet with a spiritual shaman

Rainbow Medicine Woman is a 6th Generation Shaman and Natural Practitioner using Wisdom Teachings from her Celtic and Native heritage. She assists in finding any lost parts due to trauma, and helps regulate the nervous system back to normal.

Rainbow is a teacher, mother, artist and author, holding workshops and retreats around the world and practicing from her new Wellness Centre in Whistler. Visit Triangle Whistler or Rainbow Medicine. Every treatment is as unique as the individual taking it. Rainbow offers:

Shamanic Healing – Energy clearing, removing old patterns, conditioning alignment and attunement, with medicine cards, shamanic journey and drum medicine 120 minutes – $220

Medicine Card Reading 30 min – $60

Medicine Wheel Reading 60 min – $120

Sound Bath Session  45 min – $126

Reiki and/or Stone Medicine 60 min – $120





Session with a Professional Coach

Kelly Hand

Kelly Hand is dedicated to those dedicated to change and purpose in their life. She holds a safe and courageous space for her clients to explore what is here now, what they are growing into, and who they are becoming. The coaching relationship creates a new opportunity, refreshingly distinct from previous negative thought and behavioural patterns.

Using professional tools and skills, Kelly looks for the next opening, moving both coach and coachee beyond the work of ‘figuring it out’ – creating both awareness and movement in an individual’s whole life: health, work, relationships and beyond. Sessoins can create such outcomes as gaining new perspectives, processing present and deep emotions, removing blocks, clarity on goals, life purpose and so much more, allowing the transformation into a new way of being.

Retreat centre sessions are 2 hours and each session’s unique focus will stem from an initial discovery process. Beyond the retreat, the coaching relationship can become and ongoing source of support via phone or Skype. For questions regarding coaching you can email kelly at


Coaching sessions:

2 Hour Session: $195

Follow up Sessions: $125

Ongoing Co-active Coach Relationship: $250/month